Getting a Satisfied Customer

Purchasing a home is a huge decision. It’s definitely not something that most people do lightly. For some, it may take days, weeks and sometimes even months to years of thinking about what a client wants in a home and whether or not home ownership is the route that they want to take. No matter how long it takes, I encourage all of my clients to make that decision when it is the best time for them. A particular home may not be on the market for long, but only you know exactly what you are looking for, and when you finally find that one…. you just know.

“Le Etta was so helpful with purchasing a home in Tracy . She was raised here so she knew the area very well . She went above and beyond to make our home purchase as smooth as possible . I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to purchase or sell a home to give this wonderful Realtor a call . We can’t thank her enough.”

Eric Quintana & Mary Wright

Making Dreams a Reality

I am very impressed with how quickly Mrs. LeEtta was able to get this deal pushed through. She was very prompt and let me know what to expect through the whole process so that I was never caught off guard. When any questions came up, she found answers! She is definitely a strong person to have on your side when purchasing a home. She helped me make my dream of home ownership a reality, and just in time for the holidays! She will most definitely be seeing me back for repeat business.

-Stephan Zulevic and family

Take advantage of all resources available to you!

There are so many resources available to those interested in purchasing a home. Make sure to take advantage of all of those resources. Especially first time home buyers! Most importantly, you must stay motivated. You may not land the first house that you look at, but be patient, stay motivated and know, that there is something out there specifically for you!

“Mrs. LeEtta is just amazing! I am a first time home buyer and she made the home buying process for me a wonderful experience. She kept me updated, very thorough & returns calls. She made sure I understood everything throughout the entire process. She had my best interest at heart and made sure that she explained all the available resources to me. She is very experienced when looking at homes. LeEtta is very kind, upbeat, a very positive person, & Keeps you motivated. I closed on my first home at the age of 25 with a 30 day escrow! I highly recommend her to others !! “


A 5 Star Experience

No matter who you choose to be your real estate agent, one thing for sure is that you want the experience to be a 5 star experience. Buying your first home can be an experience so full of emotions. It can be scary, exciting, happy and even sad at the thought of leaving a previous location or moving on to something new. The purchase of your first home can be especially emotional because it is the start of something completely different. My number one goal is to make sure that my clients are completely happy with their purchase. If there is something that just doesn’t quite do it for you with a particular house, let it be known so that your home buying experience is a 5 star experience. Everyone deserves to be happy and every home buyer is entitled to have what their heart desires.

“LeEtta helped me purchase my first home! She is professional, informative, and was available to answer every question I had during the buying process. She is very warm and made sure that I was comfortable and understood every thing that was going on. LeEtta genuinely wants to help her clients and to me this is what makes her an AMAZING Realtor and person. I would recommend LeEtta to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home.”
Felecia Peterson

Long Distance Relationships

Not everyone can handle long distance relationships. Clients can come from all different places. I appreciate the flexibility of being able to do what I love no matter where my clients are located. Gary and Lucy McKee placed their trust in me all the way from Texas, and my goal was to make this transaction as smooth as possible for them. I am glad that they were able to put their trust in me!

“LeEtta was the perfect choice for us to get our house sold. She took into account all of the resources available to us to make this emotional transaction as calm and efficient as possible. I have previously sold 2 homes and this sale was by far the most effective sale yet. LeEtta came recommended to us and we highly recommend her to others as well. She has been kind, compassionate, calming and attentive through the whole process. For Tracy and the surrounding areas, she is number 1 in our book!”

Gary & Lucy McKee

Patience is a Virtue!

Sometimes, the sale of building (whether it be a home or a commercial facility) doesn’t always happen in our time. It definitely pays to be patient and persistent. Eventually, things will work out. Just keep a positive attitude. There is someone out there who’s currently looking to make what was once your dream, their new reality.

“Our organization had gone through 4 other agents within a 6 year period prior to contacting LeEtta Celestine. None were as aggressive, nor their marketing at the level that LeEtta Celestine achieved. LeEtta Celestine did an outstanding job on selling our property. Her professionalism speaks for itself. Our organization felt that she went over and beyond the expectancy of a real estate agent. Her marketing strategy was awesome. I highly recommend LeEtta Celestine if you want results.” -Carolyn Pinheiro

Dreams Do Come True!

I was recently able to help a gentleman and his family achieve a dream that they never thought possible. As a hard working father and husband, my client truly believed that owning a home was too far out of reach. Sometimes, people just need a little extra encouragement to step outside of their comfort zone and follow the steps that make dreams a reality. After realizing that he did in fact qualify to make a purchase, there were hurdles that came along, but nothing that was too high for him to jump over. I congratulate my most recent client on his first home purchase, and welcome to the City of Tracy. You have truly joined a wonderful community.

“We are enjoying our new home thanks to our great realtor, LeEtta Celestine. There will never be enough thank-you’s from us to you LeEtta. You are a maker of dreams come true. We will always be indebted to you. We still remember the the excitement working with her as our realtor. She worked hard for us, never giving up. When situations did not work out as planned, she encouraged us that there was something better for us and we finally found it. We found a perfect home, in a great community. We have made the dream of owning a home a reality, and we have made the impossible, possible. You are one of a kind LeEtta, there is no other like you. You are the BEST REALTOR!” – Raul & Julia Garcia (February 21, 2017) 20170106_101111

Treat others as you would like to be treated!

My latest sale was one that was near and dear to my heart. You will see exactly why as I share her review of my service! In the Real Estate world, you never know the exact memories that are held within the walls of some homes. Sure, you are aware that there are memories, but you don’t fully understand how hard it may be for some clients to let go of what was and move on to something new, something better. Because of this, it is important to “treat others as you would like to be treated”. It is important that clients feel ready to let go as this can be one of the biggest transitions in their life. They are preparing to start a new chapter journey, and as an agent, I want the transition to be smooth, personable and a joyous occasion for all that are involved. Thank you Dorinda, Ashley and Brandon for allowing me to be a part of your move forward onto new journeys in your life. And most importantly, thank you for allowing me to be a part of the memories that we have created together as friends.

I was so thankful for having Le Etta as my listing agent. My late husband bought our first home in 1986 ( the home Le Etta listed). With that being said, it was very emotional for myself and my adult children to list the home. Le Etta was a previous neighbor at this home, she saw my kids grow up and we became close friends. That’s what made this a very easy transition for us, because she knew us, knew the sentimental attachment we had, and she had the best interest for us. She knew it was a hard decision ,but she made it the most comfortable and stress free. She stayed in touch daily with us and the buyers agent and made sure all the “I’s” were dotted and “T’s” were crossed. She was knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend Le Etta as a buying and/or selling agent because of her caring heart and experience as an agent ” -Dorinda Serpa

Positive words to keep me motivated!

In the real estate world, you build your clientele by advertisement, always looking out and listening to people who are looking to buy and or sell and word of mouth. So when I received a message from my most recent sell, I had to share it. It gave me so much motivation, especially after being away from real estate for an extended amount of time. I appreciate each and every one of my clients and I look forward to building many more relationships in the future. Thank you Joy and James for providing me with the opportunity to not only get my feet wet again, but also for trusting me and my team to help you with the sell of your home. Your kind words have done more than you could imagine!

“The best real estate transaction ever.  This is the second home that I’ve sold. LeEtta and her team are amazing.  I live in Washington state and I was nervous about selling my home in Tracy from so far away.  LeEtta took care of Everything!  She and her team made recommendations for minor repairs to improve our chances of selling our home. She helped facilitate the contractors and the work was completed on time and within budget.  LeEtta and her team made selling a house from 2 states away very easy.  From beginning to end, LeEtta was emailing me updates every week, sometimes daily on where we were with the selling project. What a wonderful experience.  You couldn’t ask for a better realtor.  I highly recommend LeEtta and her team! Thank you so much for all your help!!”

-Joy Sauer